8 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Marketing

Is your Twitter marketing working?

Do you want to maximize the reach of your tweets?

Knowing how to write your tweets and when to publish them can increase visibility, boost engagement and drive traffic to your site.

“More than a billion tweets are sent every 48 hours”

In this article you’ll explore 8 tips to deliver better tweets.

#1 Tweet without Links

Tweets without links get more engagement.

It is not necessary to provide link to your post. It has no role in bringing engagement.

Twitter is a platform for engaging with customers and building relationship with them. Links will not add value to your post.

#2 Use the Right Hashtags

Twitter is all about using right hashtags. Twitter invented the hashtag in 2007. Hashtags will always remain the foundation of your Twitter post. Hashtag tools like Hashtagify can provide you the right hashtag for your tweet.

#3 Add Images for Shared Links

Of course picture speaks thousand words! It’s no surprise that tweets with images stand out and get more engagement than tweets without images. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools you can use to find the right images to use in your tweets.

Twitshot is an online tool that will assist in finding right image when you share links.

#4 Tweet with the Proper Format

To compose a tweet in the proper format, you need to have all of the individual elements in the correct order.

Start your tweet with text and then add a link. Make sure to include the attribution with @mentions if applicable. Then add hashtags and insert your image.

Now that you know the rules for composing a tweet, you can break them for effect. Come up with multiple ways to tweet the same information to add variety to your Twitter stream.

For example, rather than adding the article title, use an interesting or relevant quote from the article (attributing it to the author) with a link and hashtags. Another option is to start the tweet with a question that the article answers.

#5 Provide Value with Quote Tweets

The new Quote Tweet function allows you to add 116 characters when you retweet.

However, don’t just repeat the title when you retweet someone else’s content. Give content by adding your own opinion or interest for the information.

Another option is to include a quote from the post shared in the tweet.

#6 Tweet at Optimal Times

Time plays a vital role when you decide to tweet. Research about the people that at what time they are active on tweeter and then tweet accordingly.

“The best time to tweet is from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM”

Your engagement will depend on how many people see your tweet and that will only happen when you tweet at their time.

#7 Reverse-Engineer Popular Tweets

Twitter Analytics allows you to observe which of your tweets got maximum attention. Once you identify your best tweets, try to determine which unique elements you included in them. This is one of the most effective ways to boost up your Twitter marketing.

To do this, go to Twitter Analytics and click Tweets at the top of the page. Then click Top Tweets to see your most popular tweets for the period.

Your tweets with the highest engagement rate are clearly working for you, so revise them and observe what they have in common so that you can follow that strategy for all other tweets.

#8 Use Lists to Curate Content to Retweet

For re-tweeting, make a list of different niche to whom you trust. Find accounts that are valuable and worthy to be re tweeted by your target audience. Once you select the accounts, add them to your tweeter account


Anyone can tweet anything, but only the best tweets get noticed. So keep in mind these 8 tips and bring more engagement to your business and don’t forget to share your views by your comments!