Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is nerve-wracking. Marketers are already depending on various technologies to computerize repetitive tasks like social media sharing, generating SEO reports, and email campaigns.

However with the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can simplify the procedure of Digital Marketing. As any marketer would be aware, Content Marketing is a core aspect of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is based on content.

Content is the soul of Digital Marketing and what if machines take over the job of content writing from humans? Content writing can be made easier by the use of intelligent machines. Blogs can be simplified by using AI writers.

“It has been predicted by Gartner that 20% of all the business content will be produced by machines by the year 2018”.

However, Gartner also added that it is applicable to formal documents, reports, white papers, press releases, and other formal business content. It is not meant for writing creative content that requires creativity and imagination.

The Change from ‘Text’ to ‘Voice’ is Already in Use

Maximum google searches nowadays are voice based. Digital marketers need to understand this fact and start planning strategies to optimize websites for voice search along with the traditional text-based search.

Use AI-Powered Chat bots to Improve User Experience

Most businesses are aware and already using live AI-powered chatbots on the instant messenger or on their Websites. Chatbots are

  • Quick to reply and can retain customer data,
  • They are patient doesn’t lose their cool even if the customer is angry
  • They can handle several customer requests simultaneously, so the waiting time is reduced
  • Chatbots are useful in creating customized advertisements for users which can increase sales.

Deliver a Highly Personalized Website Experience to Every User

People love content, offers, products and services that are tailored for them.

You can display personalized content and offers to each and every individual prospect by examining their location, their interaction with your company etc.

You also have the power to systematize E-mail Marketing and send regular push notifications to the clients based on their current interaction with your business.

Impactful Ads

The formation of better advertisements is one of the leading ways Artificial Intelligence will influence Digital Marketing. The ability for brands to use AI to research and develop critical Marketing aspects, such as keyword searches authorizes marketers to build smoother, more effective ads that should lead to more conversions.

For years, companies have focused on whom to show ads to and when to show the ads.  AI allows marketers to; instead, focus on what messages to show the audience so brands can create powerful ads specific to the target audience.

Wrap up!

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will not pose any threat to existing jobs; it will only make our tasks easier than ever. Recurring tasks can easily be shifted over to bots and tasks that need human intervention will still rest on the shoulders of people.