Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Choose wisely to achieve your Business Goals!

Whenever we hear the work ‘digital’, the first thing that strikes our mind is ‘Internet’ and when we attach marketing to it, and then it becomes Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a boom in IT world. Every businessman who wants to promote his business will look to digital world.

However digital marketing is dependent on electronic technology. What will you do if you want to promote your brand in a district where there is no online facility available? There comes the role of Traditional Marketing.

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the speedy and the most effective way of promoting your brand.As half of the population is dependent on the internet, so it is the most effective way of grabbing the attention of an audience towards your brand.
By digital we not only mean social media but all those sources of internet that can promote your brand.

Let’s throw some light on the benefits of using digital marketing:


  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter assists in creating awareness among consumers about your brand.
  • You can make the audience aware about your brand by posting the update about your own brand on daily basis.
  • You can make the audience aware about your brand by posting the update about your own brand on daily basis.
  • You can build the relationship with customers and get their feedback about your product by viewing their likes and tweets.
  • Since most of the audience access the social media daily, it is most likely that your brand will grab their attention.
  • Besides social media, you can also advertise your brand by creating online banners and ads; pay per click advertising and by email marketing.
  • Digital marketing is cost-efficient. You don’t have to empty your pockets for promotion
  • You can keep the record of your business statistics by following your competitors and recording your data as well as results.

Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing, another name for hard copy marketing is the most common method of advertising your product. Not everyone is dependent on digital world. It may be possible that the target audience is beyond the reach of digital world.

For example, if you want to promote your brand in rural areas, then digital marketing is of no use because of lack of understanding of online world by rural people. So in such cases traditional marketing play a major role.

Let’s throw some light on the benefits of using traditional marketing:


  • Oldest and most commonly used method of marketing. Mailbox flyers, newspaper ads, TV commercials are the sources of traditional marketing.
  • Target audience will have the hard copy of the material that can be viewed again and again.
  • Since people are habitual of this kind of strategy, they can easily understand what you want to deliver.
  • By viewing the hard copy of the material, you are paying more attention to what businessman is trying to deliver.
  • Guarantee of reaching the every house of target audience.

Wrap up!
Thus, you see, on one hand digital marketing is influential. Keep you connected with your customers but can’t be done ubiquitously. On the other hand traditional marketing is within the reach of the target audience but could be expensive with no interaction with the target audience. Both have their own pros and cons.
So now it’s up to you to decide about what kind of marketing you have to follow for achieving your business goals the Digital way or the Traditional way!!