6 Effective ways to increase your website traffic

When you are online, you’re competing with multiple other like-businesses, and you need to make sure that your website is strong. The best way to ensure that you cultivate your online presence and move up through the rankings is to continually optimize your web design and keep your site fresh and relevant. Here are a few simple tips to optimize your website, and they’re easy and quick to apply.

1. Don’t use duplicate content
Always be original with your content. Do not copy- paste contents and descriptions of products. Keep your page content unique and up-to-date. Write unique descriptions for each page and avoid duplicate content that can come with penalties from Google.

2. Use quality meta-data
Your meta-data will need to match what your page is about because search engines will use it to gain a better understanding of your content, and the description will often be displayed in search results. So both people looking for a site like yours and Google, Bing, and other search engines will be guided by meta data in some way, and the more accurate it is, the better you’ll be ranked.

3. Add keywords to images
Start adding keywords to your images. They are as important as relevant words in your content. It is vital that you add keyword-rich descriptions for your images. You also need to remember that the description needs to represent the picture accurately.

4. Check all of your content
Every so often, you should go back to your web design and check all of your content to ensure that it’s engaging, and you’re utilizing all of the right resources. Check your videos, read the text, and images to make sure that everything has keywords incorporated naturally, and nothing is outdated. If you are mentioning numbers make sure they are updated.

5. Keep your sitemap clean and maintained
Your sitemap is an important part of your site. Always keep your sitemap clean and maintained. Changes made in the site should reflect on the site map and should be updated. Make sure that the links work and point to the right page. A good sitemap makes it easier for search engines to find your pages, and this will help improve rankings.

6. Start a blog
If you don’t have a blog for your web site, it’s time to start creating ideas for one that naturally incorporates keywords and gives your audience a place to go when they want to learn a little more about you. A blog also gives you more chances to add back-links and showcase a side of your brand that people don’t see on landing pages.